Understanding Astronomy

Astronomy is a fascinating topic but may be thought of as too complicated. This blog will ensure that readers have a full understanding of the subject. Expect in-depth articles on space exploration, astrobiology and plenty of stargazing tips. Discover the best place to see meteor showers and what equipment will be needed. The best way to learn astronomy is to begin to recognise the stars and constellations, and the basics will be covered in this blog. Detailed sky maps will reveal the location of galaxies and star clusters, some of which require no more than a pair of binoculars to be seen.

Types of Galaxies

11 Apr 2021

Simply put, a galaxy refers to a group of solar systems, stars, dust, and gases in the universe. The universe has a wide range of distinct galaxy types, typically classified based on their shape. The main types of galaxies include irregular, barrel spiral, elliptical, and spiral galaxies.

Is Star Bigger than the Star?

7 Mar 2021

Yes and no. I say so because the answer depends on the star whose size is being compared to the size of the sun. Some stars are even 100 times bigger than the sun, while others are 10 times smaller than the sun. Remember, the sun is a star too.

Five Largest Constellations

3 Feb 2021

Do you ever see groups of stars in the sky which seem to form patterns? These are known as constellations, and they are a fun to watch. While there are so many constellations in the sky, the five largest ones include Hercules, Cetus, Ursa Major, Virgo, and Hydra.